Data Engineering & Technology

Bringing ideas to life.

World-class data science functions are born when top analytical and technology talent come together.

The emerging engineer

In some cases, there can be a large overlap between data science and data engineering – while in others, the roles and contributions are discrete and specialised.

With Apache Spark, Hadoop and big data now being considered quite common, it is important to understand the many types of ‘data engineer’ and technologist who each play a role in extracting insights and business value out of your data.

If you build it, they will come

In recent years, we have helped recruit and build teams of data engineers for many of the most advanced analytics and data science practices in the Australian private sector.

These teams enable complex analytics, computing and machine learning to be applied on top of truly big or fast data, in order to develop powerful applications and analytics engines.

They leverage technology to build links between businesses and data.

Fit for purpose solutions

While we work with many market leaders, we also know that a cutting-edge Apache Spark + Hadoop cluster isn’t required for every business and you don’t need petabytes of data to make great decisions.

We are still active in markets of; relational databases, BI platforms, digital & web analytics, bespoke applications, proprietary analytics tools and data visualisation platforms.

We work with clients at different stages of their analytics and data journeys. Some don’t have ‘Big Data’ and mainly work with SQL based data warehouses and market leading BI tools. Others have unique and cutting edge big data architectures with a split of open source and proprietary tech.