Advanced Analytics

Pushing boundaries.

We help organisations across all industries hire the right talent to ensure they are using the most appropriate form of advanced analytics for their business problems.

The data boom

Data analytics has evolved in the last ten years as companies begin to understand the power of data and make it the primary driver in business decisions. With the boom in available data, organisations have a clearer understanding of consumer behaviour and what drives business decisions

The modern Data Analyst

The explosion of data coupled with new technologies has meant that analytical methods used to extract maximum value from the data has evolved.

A modern data analyst is no longer a BI analyst using traditional tools to create reports but can implement advanced predictive analytics to drive revenue using the most appropriate technology for the task at hand.

Fit for purpose analytics

We work in partnership with our clients to understand the level of technical depth you require in your data analysts to ensure the best fit. Not all companies want or need the most technically advanced analyst using the newest most sophisticated tools.

We don’t take a one size fits all approach; we listen to your problem and advise the best solution.