How we recruit

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Recruitment methodology

Our recruitment methodology involves…


We work closely with our clients to fully understand their business challenges in order to provide a successful talent acquisition strategy solution. This includes understanding where the skill gaps are positioned, key deliverables required, the culture of the organisation, budget, etc., and advising on the availability of candidates, market level of salaries and most effectively suited talent acquisition strategy.


By fully understanding our clients, their requirements and the essence of a successful profile, we can then pro-actively go to market and target the most appropriate audience. Our credibility and standing in our niche markets mean that candidates will listen and trust us. By really understanding our clients we can position your organisation and role positively to ensure that we attract the best candidates.


We interview all our locally based candidates in person with bespoke competency based questions. We establish technical expertise, culture fit, communications skills, motivations, career aspirations and salary expectations. The Talent Insights team then discuss candidates and put forward those who are the best fit for the role and organisation.


Everyone at Talent Insights has extensive experience which results in a smooth recruitment process and effective outcome. We are skilled at managing expectations and salary negotiations at all stages of the recruitment process ensuring a positive candidate experience. This ensures there are no last minute surprises and gives the best opportunity for a successful outcome.


We always adhere to agreed SLA’s. We also have a ‘post placement’ service where we regularly follow up with both client and candidate during the first 12 months to ensure a smooth transition. We can act as an important intermediary to ensure expectations are met and communication is smooth and timely. An important part of this service is the sharing of feedback between client and candidate. By providing a high touch service we can highlight any problems and quickly recommend solutions. This prepares everyone for success and ensures satisfactory outcomes.

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